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Open Circle has developed COVID-19 Resources to help our schools and districts support the children and families in their communities.

The Open Circle Team stands in solidarity with all people who are working for social justice and equity. To see what we are doing to contribute to this cause, please review our Open Circle News links below.


Open Circle provides a unique, evidence-based social and emotional learning program for grades K-5. Working with administrators, educators, counselors, and staff from across the school, Open Circle aims to:

  • Proactively develop children’s skills for recognizing and managing emotions, empathy, positive relationships and problem solving
  • Help schools develop a community where students feel safe, cared for and engaged in learning.

Open Circle News

  • Finding Fuel: A Workshop for Educators

    Join Open Circle Trainer Betsy Nordell, Ed.D., for this upcoming webinar hosted by the Wellesley Centers for Women! Register to attend This webinar's focus is educator wellbeing. Now more than ever, we need to honor the complexity of educational work and share ideas for self-renewal. Since there is...

  • THE74: An Educator’s View

    "The Empathy & Compassion Biden Talks About Are SEL Skills Every Child Should Have. How Teachers Can Help Students Learn Them" Teachers should take Biden’s speech about "compassion, empathy and concern” as a call to action, to implement in our classrooms the values he’s talking about on the...

  • EDSURGE: The Pandemic Has Revealed...

    What Really Matters in Education (Spoiler: It’s Not Tests). Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Director of Open Circle writes, "The interconnectedness of schools and families has been laid bare this past year, and we now understand how significant that partnership is." Read the...

  • Focusing on student's feeling

    HECHINGER REPORT: Teachers will need to focus more on how students are feeling in these tough times Confronting emotions around Covid-19 and systemic racism matters more than ever. In this opinion piece published in the Hechinger Report, Open Circle's Director, Kamilah Drummond-Forrester discusses how...

  • How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

    March 6, 2020By Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Director of Open Circle As the mother of four children ranging in age from 5 to 17, I think I’ve heard it all when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19 every rumor and misunderstanding that gets shared at school and on social media about where it came...


How We Help Schools & Communities

Open Circle’s whole-school approach:

  • Unites schools with common vocabulary
  • Improves school climate
  • Increases students’ use of prosocial and critical thinking skills
  • Reduces negative behaviors such as peer exclusion, bullying and fighting
  • Strengthens educators' facilitation and SEL (social emotional learning) skills
  • Frees up time for academics through proactive behavior management



Capacity Building


Implementation Support



    "Open circle has been wonderful and necessary in my classroom, although we were trained over three years ago it is still so relevant day to day."

    – Grade-level Teacher, Public School

    "It’s a wonderful program for giving the children a common language when negotiating social issues."

    – Grade-level School Teacher, Independent School


    "Overall, I really like Open Circle and so do the students and teachers I use it with. I think it's a very user friendly modality that is able to be completed easily when you allow time for it."

    – Mental Health Professional, Public School

    "I am participating in Classroom Teacher training this year. I have fully implemented Open Circle in my classroom for the first time and I have noticed the difference in my students SEL immediately."

    – Grade-level Teacher, Public School

    "It’s been a life changing experience personally and professionally."

    – Grade-level Teacher, Independent School

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