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Middle School Survey

Over the years, Open Circle has had many requests to extend our curriculum to middle school. With funding from the Morningstar Family Foundation, we are exploring ways to make this a reality.


We invite you to share your school's or district's needs and capacities for Open Circle in middle school via this brief, five-minute survey. Your feedback will help us to design a pilot, middle school social-emotional learning program that meets the needs of your staff, students, and overall community.

If you would like to be entered in a raffle drawing to receive a $25 Amazon gift card (one random drawing each day from all respondents, November 5-9), please include your full name and email (last survey question)*.

We appreciate your feedback!

ARTICLE: Mindful Schools | Two Powerful Conflict Resolution Tools: Mindfulness and Neuroscience

Telling a child to calm down often isn’t enough. Understanding how the brain works and learning how to calm the brain will help children put Open Circle skills into action.

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ARTICLE: Boston Globe | Is it bullying or just a playground conflict? Many parents find it hard to let kids work it out

It is wonderful that today's parents and schools are taking action against bullying. But sometimes we can get confused between what is bullying and what is a normal childhood conflict. Social and emotional learning helps kids to understand the difference and know when it's time to tell a trusted adult. More than 300 schools in the U.S. use Open Circle to teach those crucial skills.

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