Leading Together: Strengthening Relational Trust in Schools

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Leading Together™ is professional development for teams in K-12 schools that is being offered in partnership with Open Circle and Courage & Renewal Northeast. This program is built on a simple idea: the quality of adult relationships within a school community has the biggest impact on a school’s ability to improve1. It’s a direct link. Schools are only as effective as the relationships of the people within them. Leading Together™ is designed to strengthen the relationships between principals and teacher leaders to facilitate positive, trusting relationships among all adults in the school community which can make a powerful difference for students. Leading Together™ builds capacity for relational trust by:

  • building connection and community
  • fostering teamwork and shared leadership
  • cultivating self-awareness
  • strengthening capacity to listen and be present in teaching, leading and relationships
  • sharpening ability to focus and maintain attention
  • addressing conflict constructively
  • reconnecting with what originally inspired us to be educators


1 Bryk Anthony S., and Barbara Schneider. Trust in schools: A core source for improvement. New York., NY: Russell Sage Foundation, 2002. & Bryk, et. al. Organizing schools for improvement. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2010.

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