Classroom Teacher Program

To address the needs of our Open Circle community, while adhering to the importance of social-distancing, we have made the decision to convert our in-person Classroom Teacher Program (CTP) professional development offering to a virtual platform for the upcoming training year. Registration will be opening soon!


building oc blue 75X75Overview

The Classroom Teacher Program (CTP) equips educators with information, tools, and strategies that are critical to effective Open Circle Curriculum implementation. Participants learn the following:

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) theory and research findings
  • Teaching skills that support CASEL competencies - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, positive relationships and problem solving
  • Strategies for integrating SEL throughout the school
  • Dialogue facilitation
  • Mindfulness and reflection practices
  • Cultural responsiveness in SEL instruction
  • The role of adults as models
  • Leveraging children’s literature to teach and reinforce SEL

This program requires a year-long commitment to implementing twice-weekly, 15-minute Open Circle lessons in order to enable multiple cycles of learning, practice, and reflection.



Registration will be opening soon!


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