Professional Development

Open Circle specializes in designing and delivering engaging and interactive professional development that combines theory, research and the practical experience of educators. By spacing training days for teachers across the school year, our professional development aligns with best practices in adult learning, enabling multiple cycles of experiential learning, practice, and reflection.

In a recent survey, 98% of participants agreed that Open Circle training not only improves their knowledge and implementation of social and emotional learning, but also enhances their overall teaching practice.

Open Circle provides specialized professional development programs tailored to the unique needs of different staff roles in a school community.

  • Teachers discover and practice facilitation skills, learn to teach social and emotional skills using the Open Circle Curriculum, and explore ways to integrate Open Circle lessons throughout the school day.
  • Counselors learn to leverage the Open Circle Curriculum in targeted work with groups or individual students.
  • Administrators develop strategies for encouraging consistent and effective Open Circle implementation, learn to employ assessment tools for monitoring SEL progress and tracking SEL outcomes, and learn techniques for incorporating Open Circle approaches into their own interaction with students, staff and parents.
  • Specialists and support staff learn key Open Circle approaches and vocabulary and create practical applications of Open Circle tools for their work.
  • Families are engaged through Open Circle workshops and letters introducing the Open Circle Curriculum and key vocabulary (available in eight languages).

Schools sustain and improve SEL capacity over time by developing Open Circle trainers, coaches and leadership teams, providing training, mentorship, outcome measurement and action planning.


Body Language
Coaching Problem-Solving
Cultural Responsiveness
Dialog Facilitation
Empathic Listening
Group Development
Integrating SEL
Lesson Pacing

Managing Self
Modeling SEL Skills
Non-Judgmental Responses
Reflection & Mindfulness
Tone of Voice
Turn and Talk
Wait/Think Time
Whole-Group Responses

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