Open Circle Peer Coaches Provide In-School Support

For many years, Open CIrcle schools have sent trained, experienced and passionate Open Circle teachers to our Coach Program training to become Open Circle champions and resources in their schools. Taking on a peer coach role allows a teacher to provide leadership and advocacy related to Open CIrcle implementation and connection to school initiatives and values to create a common vocabulary in support of the entire school community - students, teachers and staff alike.

Attending our Coach Program exposes teachers to the Open Circle coaching model, which is relationship focused and provides flexible coaching approaches to support colleagues in a non-judgmental, non-evaluative way. Coaches explore a variety of coaching roles they may adopt, depending on the status of Open Circle in their school. Having coaching conversations with individual teachers, grade levels, and Specialists helps build both rationale and facilitation skills to help teachers reflect on and deepen their Open Circle practice. Coaches can also support the movement of Open CIrcle outside of individual classrooms. For example, hosting an Open CIrcle breakfast or setting up a designated Open CIrcle bookshelf in the library are just a couple ways coaches can keep Open CIrcle visible and energized. The training allows for practice of coaching techniques and action planning in support of Open CIrcle for the school year. Open Circle encourages coaches to expand ownership among colleagues and work closely with the principal to integrate Open CIrcle vocabulary, concepts and skills into the wider school culture and community, including parents/caregivers.

Having an Open CIrcle coach in your school provides an invaluable resource and a voice of Open CIrcle to strengthen relationships and connections. With Open cIrcle and SEL as a strong foundation, students can become more engaged in academics and teachers can bring themselves more fully to their teaching and relationships with their students.

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