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Curriculum Kit

CurriculumKitUpgrade to the new Open Circle Curriculum Kit, including the 2015 edition of the Open Circle Curriculum

This complete set of easy-to-use materials includes:

  • 2015 edition Open Circle Curriculum
  • Laminated skill mini-posters
  • Open Circle bookmarks (set of 25)
  • Open Circle stickers (set of 48)
  • Problem-solving card
  • Chime
  • Digital timer
  • Tote bag

Want to familiarize your trained teachers with the new curriculum?
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What's new in 2015 edition of the Open Circle Curriculum?

The 2015 edition of the Open Circle Curriculum (available to graduates of the Core Program) includes updates across all lessons, a new unit structure, and a greater emphasis on reflection and assessment. See a sample Table of Contents (Grade 5) or a sample lesson from KindergartenGrade 2 or Grade 4. Highlights of the new edition include:

Illustrations added to skill mini-posters

  • Plus new vocabulary, including ally and reflection

Integration of mindfulness practices and activities

  • Greater emphasis on increasing awareness, mind-body connection, focus, and attention for students and educators

Enhanced cultural responsiveness in lessons, literature connections, and activities

  • Greater focus on valuing differences across all dimensions (e.g., race, culture, and gender)

  • Increased cultural inclusiveness and sensitivity in scenarios and activities

  • Multicultural illustrations

Updated and expanded content

  • New unit structure (Beginning Together, Managing Ourselves, Strengthening Relationships, How to Sort Problems, Problem Solving) and end-of-unit reflections
  • Expanded activities section, including community-building activities, name activities, and mindfulness practices and activities
  • New reflection and assessment tools section
  • Streamlined problem-solving unit

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