Children at Force Elementary leave their markForceElem footprints

Shortly before winter break the 4th graders at Force Elementary were paired with a 2nd grade peer partner. During their Open Circle meeting, they discussed their role as a mentor and what lessons they could teach their younger peers. They talked about the challenges and accomplishments they feel they struggled with and overcame over the past year.

What mark would you leave in 2018 and look forward to in 2019?

From this question, the children created footprints and wrote their legacy on it. The footprints were taped on the floor in the hallway outside of their classroom. When their 2nd grade peers came, the 4th graders taught their lesson to them and helped them make their own footprint with positive thoughts written on them. The 2nd graders placed their footprints outside their classroom as well.

The children were inspired by their positive messages and wanted to share them beyond their class and their peer partners. They decided to move their footprints around the building from the front doors to the office, to the gym, to the after school program. The encouraging statements touched and inspired the whole school community.

ForceElem believeForceElem i can


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