Virtual Open Circle Example 1

Thank you to Melissa Greenstein, an Open Circle teacher from Temple Beth AM in Florida for sharing this great example

Melissa created a visual representation of her classroom's Open Circle meeting using Google Slides, which can also be made in PowerPoint. She began with creating her circle and placing a marker representing each of her students on that circle. Then, using Bitmoji, she added animated images of herself and added word clouds to provid directions. Melissa chose a smily face to represent which student has the talking piece and started by placing the smily face next to her name. After this master image is completed, she used the command duplicated slide until she had one for each student. On each slide she moved the smiley face next to a different student. During her virtual meeting, Melissa used the slide that corresponded to who's turn it was to talk.

(NOTE: The video does not have sound)

If you have a great example you would like to share with your Open Circle community, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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