Talking To Your School

Helping your child understand what they’re feeling, show empathy for others, create healthy relationships and make responsible decisions is a challenging task. It’s influenced by not only their home life but from all experiences in the community they live in.

A significant amount of your child’s day is spent at school. You can work with members of your school community to develop a climate that supports your child’s social and emotional learning. When families and schools work together, children benefit academically, socially, and emotionally.

Here are some way you can work with your school to advance social and emotional learning:

Strategies At School

  • Ask your principal if their school has adopted a social and emotional learning program. Keep in mind that programs many be called different names - character education, conflict resolution, peer mediation, or emotional competency. If there is a district wide initiative, ask for the contact person and learn about what your school system is doing to address these issues, currently and long term.
  • Work with your school's parent organization to schedule a presentation by an expert who can speak to parents and teachers about strategies for nurturing emotionally intelligent children.
  • Ask your school’s principal about having an all-school read of a book or article on social and emotional learning for teachers, staff and interested parents. Schedule a discussion night to discuss themes that may inform your school’s thinking about choosing an SEL program or strengthening an existing one.
  • Volunteer at your school or on a district committee responsible for overseeing the implementation of programs to support social and emotional learning. Schools with a climate committee, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) team or other related committee are a good place to start.

If your school has not adopted a social and emotional learning program or they feel they are not achieving desired results, contact Open Circle.


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