Open Circle recognizes the importance of Home as a child’s primary educator. Children develop a foundation of how to manage their emotions, make responsible decisions, and resolve conflicts from their initial experiences at home. When a child enters a school community they need to learn new rules and interact with a variety of personal dynamics that they may not be accustomed to.

Open Circle’s unique whole-school approach includes all adults in a child’s community – teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff and families – learning to model and reinforce pro-social skills throughout the school day and at home.

When a school adopts Open Circle into their classroom, it creates an opportunity for schools to build a bridge of common vocabulary, skills, and learning concepts with a child’s home.

Ways Open Circle Connects School and Home

  • Open Circle provides Home Link letters that teachers can send home with children after they have learned particular lessons. Download a sample lesson plan with Homelink letters in English and Spanish
  • Open Circle provides recommended Children’s Literature that focus on key social and emotional issues
  • Open Circle provides a Family Workshop Kit for schools to offer an Open Circle presentation for back-to-school nights, PTO-sponsored family nights, principal coffees/breakfasts, and other family and caregiver events

If your school is not an Open Circle School, click here for details on talking to your school.

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